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Winter Beer 2023 - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766
The enchantment of the Dolomites for the 2023 special edition
The Winter Beer 2023 pays homage to the charm of the Dolomites, to the magic of their iridescent light, which enchants the eyes with shades of pink and hints of fiery orange in transparency. A vision that tells us of the extraordinary beauty of a place when it becomes winter.

Winter Beer 2023

Double malt beer.

Stored in a precious box, Theresianer Winter Beer 2023 accompanies you into delicate notes, giving you intense aromas of roast, dried fruit and spices. To enjoy it in all its uniqueness, we recommend pairing it with aged cheeses of great character and trying it with dark chocolate. Unforgettable also as a meditation beer.

Keep your Winter Beer away from light in a cool, dry place. A sedimented yeast deposit may form at the bottom of the bottle, which is typical of authentic unfiltered beers. You can leave it on the bottom by pouring the beer carefully or add it to the poured beer, after stirring it gently.


Advent Calendar

Year after year, Theresianer’s Advent Calendar wins a special place in beer lovers‘ anticipation of Christmas. Revealing a surprise every day until December 24, the little windows of the 2023 Calendar traditionally mark the countdown and turn it into daily fun, between tastings and unexpected gifts.  A different way to enjoy all the beer styles offered by Theresianer’s master brewers, including the exclusive 2023 Limited Edition Winter Beer. 

In the name of tradition, Theresianer confirms its other Christmas proposals, from the exclusive Bierbrand beer distillate, to the Theresianer 0.75 wooden cases and the Zerocinquanta beer trio case.

In these moments of celebration, Theresianer is the protagonist with winter specialties that win you over every year, thanks to their refined elegance and originality.