People and Values

Theresianer, based in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso), passionately promotes a winning combination: respect for tradition and modern organization methods. This strategy has rewarded the company with growing market success and prestigious international awards, while revitalizing a brewing culture that has existed in Trieste for more than two hundred years. The company’s name is taken from that of a famous brewery that was founded in the “Borgo Teresiano” district of the city in 1766, when Empress Maria Theresa of Austria transformed the small fishing village into the most important maritime trade centre of the Habsburg Empire.
The Theresianer Brewery, established through the entrepreneurial skill of Martino Zanetti and guided by the invaluable knowledge of the best master brewers, has been producing high-quality beer in the finest Central-European tradition since 2000.


Offering a selection of unique products that will attract the interest of connoisseurs requires precise production and distribution decisions – using excellent ingredients is the first requirement. Theresianer scrupulously follows the “Purity Law”, which ensures the authenticity of beer and is the oldest food law that is still in effect. Promulgated by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria in 1516, it states that the only ingredients permitted in the production of German beer are barley or wheat malt, hops and water. Yeast, which was not used at that time, was later added to this list of ingredients.

Guglielmo IV di Baviera, firmò, il 23 aprile 1516, il famoso documento sulla “regolazione della purezza” per la produzione della birra bavarese.
Wilhelm IV of Bavaria signed a famous document regulating the purity of Bavarian beer production on 23 April 1516.
The historic building that houses the Theresianer Brewery in Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso