In addition to Unindustria Treviso and Federalimentare, Theresianer is a member of ASSOBIRRA, the Italian Association of Beer and Malt Producers. Since 1947, the association has brought together Italy’s leading producers and marketers of beer. Together, these companies represent over 98% of the national production more than 75% of the beer consumed in Italy). The member companies employ more than 133,000 people, either directly or through allied industries.

ASSOBIRRA represents these companies in Italy and abroad, assuming the important role of monitoring, gathering information and protecting the companies’ interests by providing general directives and offering advice and assistance. In addition, the association supports technological development and promotional activities. It is also the organization responsible for monitoring beer consumption in Italy. Every year, ASSOBIRRA conducts qualitative and quantitative research on the consumption habits of Italians, as well as studies and research focusing on quality and production technologies.


Theresianer is a member of Federalimentare, a federation which in turn is a member of Confindustria, an organization that, with its 17 trade associations and two aggregate associations, represents and protects the food industry in Italy (the second-largest manufacturing industry in the country after metalworking). In Europe, Federalimentare is a member of fooddrinkeurope.


consegna attestato Slow Brewing settembre 2012
Martino Zanetti, Tullio Zangrando and Fabrizio Zanetti

“slowBREWING – Das Brauen mit Zeit für Geschmack e.V.”, or rather “More time for the brewer, more taste for the beer”, is the slogan for the association that was founded in Munich on 14 October 2011 and immediately registered by the city court as a legally recognized association.

The objectives of slowBREWING are to enjoy the pleasure of moderate and intelligent beer consumption, place an emphasis on the regional nature and authenticity of beer, and promote responsible agricultural practices and environmental protection.

The fundamental feature that distinguishes slowBREWING beers from mainstream products is their typical and unmistakable organoleptic profile – due to their unique character, they are not as easily interchangeable.

In addition to being good and inviting, beers must be given all the time they need to age, offering the final consumer lasting enjoyment and improving the beverage’s healthful qualities.

With the objective of all-around excellence, slowBREWING differs from other groups and associations in that it is a “Club of Exceptional Brewers“, a community of producers and consumers that is interested in promoting moderate and responsible consumption of the best beers.

Theresianer has been a member of slowBREWING since 2012.