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Bierbrand - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766
From the heart of beer, a noble flavor that captivates you

A fine bierbrand, naturally delicate and round. It is produced by double distillation in copper bain-marie stills. The distilled beer is a double malt, top-fermented, lightly-hopped beer. The undiluted spirit
rests for at least two years before bottling. This rest gives BIERBRAND harmony and complexity, enhancing the characteristics of its noble raw materials (barley, malt and hops). Its alcohol content is lowered by diluting it with pure mountain spring water and it is bottled without any addition of sugar or other substances. The result is a bierbrand of rare character, limpid and crystal-clear.

0.5 l bottle
Cofanetto Bierbrand: Distillate of Theresianer Beer from top-fermented double-malt beer, and 6 Memento handmade shot glasses made from black transparent blown glass.

COLOUR: Transparent
AROMA INTENSITY: Intense, refined aromas of malt and hops, accompanied with pleasing floral and fruity nuances.
AFTER-AROMA: Pleasing sweet notes followed by a balanced, lingering and delicate bitterness.
TASTE: Dry and smooth

Recommendations for tasting:
The ideal temperature for tasting is approximately 15 degrees, alone or paired with a good dark chocolate.
In the warmer months, BIERBRAND can also be tasted fresh, at about 10 degrees, without losing its personality and aroma.