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Polykeg® - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

New PolyKeg PRO® // 360° SUSTAINABLE

   + Sustainable

   + Safe

   + Logistic optimization

   + Stable and easy to handle


Natural product

• Beer is 100% natural as it does not come into contact with CO2;
The product maintains good flavor and freshness for a long time;
• Beer maintains its natural effervescence thanks to CO2-free tapping.

Product storage

• For proper storage, kegs must be kept in a cool environment, away from moisture;
• Beer remains fresh for over 3 weeks with the keg open and connected to the tapping system.

All the exclusive benefits of Polykeg Pro

Each PolyKeg PRO is equipped with a PRV – pressure relief valve:
> Automatic release of overpressure when it exceeds the set value, during the entire keg life cycle. The PRV closes automatically once the internal pressure drops below the set value.
> Complete and quick depressurization of the keg after use, with easy removal of the PRV lever.

PolyKeg PRO’s anti – rotation system stops the keg from slipping and rotating on the pallet, ensuring the stability of the goods both in the warehouse and during shipment. It’s simple, fast and safe since the keg does not need to be oriented during the palletization process.

The neck closure has a unique design to ensure automatic pressure relief in case of tampering, and a higher resistance in the unlikely case of valve detachment from the keg.

The tamper evident seal, exclusive of PolyKeg®:
> Guarantees the integrity of the keg, showing possible manipulation by third parties.
> Protects the valve from external agents and against shocks during the handling.

The innovative design and materials used to make PolyKeg PRO lightweight, yet strong and safe, ensure high resistance to internal pressure and handling during transport and storage.

PolyKeg PRO is ready for filling without any additional steps and extra costs on the customer’s side. It is supplied flushed and without residual oxygen. This ensure excellent sanitary conditions inside the keg.

PolyKeg PRO can be filled either upside down or upside up, manually or with automatic filling machines.

Thanks to the special materials, PolyKeg PRO guarantees a high barrier to O2, CO2 and light keeping the product qualities unchanged over time.

Eco-design Polykeg PRO

Thanks to the new Polykeg PRO eco-design, the keg can be completely disassembled, allowing separation of the different materials and facilitating both the recycling process and the possible reuse of some components.

Moreover, we have chosen to use eco-friendly and recyclable labels, so that they can also be easily separated and recycled.

For all information on how to properly use the keg, see the back label.

The Polykeg® keg is available for the following products:

  • Premium Lager
  • Premium Pils
  • Wit
  • India Pale Ale
  • Strong Ale
  • Vienna
  • Bock