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Vienna - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

Elegantly sweet, with copper highlights and characterized by the aroma of caramel, spice and vanilla notes.

Perhaps you first encountered this beer amidst the streets of the Habsburg capital, where it was created in the early twentieth century. Perhaps you have already savoured its perfect balance of malt and hops. And perhaps you have already been captivated by its copper colour, and seduced by fruity notes that intertwine with hints of nuts and caramel. Now, discover a smoothness that is natural, yet never excessive.

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Slow Brewing Certification


Filtered beer

Foam: compact
Color: copper highlights
Appearance: clear
Nose: notes of caramel, caramelized almonds, spices, vanilla and lightly roasted notes
Taste: cereal, caramel and dried fruit
Body: round
Serving temperature: 8-10°C
Alcohol content: 5.3% ABV.
Recommended pairings: pizza with cold cuts (e.g.: smoked provola cheese and speck), risotto with Castelmagno cheese and Vienna creaming, risotto with pumpkin and smoked ricotta cheese, dry cakes.
Barley malt origin: EU
Hop origin: EU

Serving suggestions

Baked lasagna
Peperonata (peppers stewed with tomatoes and onions)
Potatoes (prepared in any way)
Apple pie

Recipe: Creamy Onion and Carrot Soup


Ingredients (serves 4/6 people):
2 bottles (0.33 l) of Theresianer Vienna, 1/2 l of broth (broth cubes are acceptable), 60g of flour, 30g of oil, 2 onions and 3 large carrots, salt and pepper to taste.

Mix the beer and the broth and add the flour to the mixture, blending well. Add the chopped carrots to the mixture and boil. Fry the chopped onion in the oil until golden brown. As soon as the carrots are well cooked, separate them from the broth (which should be kept). Combine the onions and carrots and puree them. Gradually add the pureed vegetables to the broth and flour mixture, stirring continuously. Add salt and pepper and boil for a few more minutes. Serve with slices of toasted bread.