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Birra India Pale Ale Theresianer, la scelta migliore per intenditori di birra
Mastery of Mixology
with Bruno Vanzan


> 6 cl Theresianer IPA Beer
> 1.5 cl Ginger syrup
> 2 cl Lemon juice 

Technique: Shake & Strain
Glass: Theresianer Half Pint
Garnish: Theresianer IPA Beer Air 

Let us guide you through the preparation of the Fake Beer. 

First, let’s take Theresianer IPA Beer and remove all the CO2 inside with a sonicator. One part we will use for the drink, while the other we will use for the garnish.
Now let’s take a ginger root, completely remove its peel and extract the juice using an extractor.
Let’s check the juice we just obtained with a refractometer, to see the percentage of sugars it contains. We will add white sugar to it until we get to 65° Brix.
The last thing to make before composing the drink is the beer air.
Let’s take 100 ml of previously degassed Theresianer IPA Beer and dissolve 0.5 g of sucrose ester inside it. This is an emulsifier that will allow us to create the beer air using an aerator.

Now we are ready to compose the Fake Beer!

Let’s take a 0.20 l Theresianer glass and pour into it: 6 cl of degassed Theresianer IPA Beer, 1.5 cl of ginger syrup and 2 cl of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
As a garnish, let’s place two tablespoons of beer air on the edge of the glass.


> 3 cl Grilled pineapple extract
> 2 C
rushed raspberries
> 9 cl Theresianer Vienna Beer

Technique: Build + Chunk
Glass: Highball
Garnish: Gold pineapple dust  

For the Lambic, let us first make a fruit pre-batch.

Let’s take a pineapple, cut it in four and then into small triangles that we are going to grill.
Once grilled, let’s extract the juice using an extractor. Let’s take 3 cl of grilled pineapple extract and crush 2 raspberries in it, filter everything again and pour it into a glass.
Let’s pour 9 cl of Theresianer Vienna Beer and complete the drink with a chunk of ice and gold pineapple dust obtained from the scraps of the previously grilled pineapple.