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Premium Lager - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766
Premium Lager

The golden Lager par excellence, delicately sweet, soft and balanced.

Time, precious time, slowly allows this beer to ferment without haste at low temperatures. Only in this way can your palate experience the beer’s full personality – pale, fragrant and light. A beer enveloped in the freshness of hops and delicate notes of yeast. Its spirit is apparent from the very first encounter – smooth, mellow and seductive, this beer is made from the best two-row spring barley. Now, savour it to the fullest…

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Slow Brewing Certification


Filtered Beer

Foam: fine, persistent
Color: straw yellow
Appearance: clear
Nose: cereal, bread crust
Taste: sweet, soft, delicate
Body: medium
Serving temperature: 6-8 °C
Alcohol content: 4.8% ABV
Recommended pairings: Margherita pizza, tomato-based first courses, tomato-based salads.
Barley malt origin: EU
Hop origin: EU

Serving suggestions

Hors d’oeuvres (canapés with mayonnaise)
First courses (risotto)
Salads (especially tomato salad, Caprese salad)
All types of pizza

Recipe: Batter Fried Sardines

sardine pastellate

Ingredients (serves 4 people):
80g “00” or all-purpose flour, 250 g of Lager beer, 12 sardines, oil, salt to taste.

Clean the sardines by cutting them in half and deboning them. Prepare a batter with the flour and the Theresianer Lager.
Heat plenty of olive oil in a frying pan. Dip the sardines in the batter, entirely coating them, and then fry well.
Use absorbent paper to remove excess oil from the fried sardines. Salt to taste and serve hot, accompanied by a Theresianer Lager, Theresianer Pils or Theresianer Strong Ale.
Try it with vegetables too!