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Theresianer The magic of winter in a unique collection of special beers - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

Winter is an evocative season, with its dense, strongly textured colors. Its introspective silence invites you to savor the warmth of your home and the festive days.

Like the best traditions, Theresianer proposes a “winter collection” to warm up the magic atmosphere of this period of the year, its special beers in the 0.75 l and the 1.5 l magnum versions, guarded within a wooden box: refinement and taste for unique presents.

First of all, Theresianer Winter Beer offers unique taste sensations, thanks to it is characteristic flavor, slightly spicy with delicate roasted hints, and its well-rounded body combined with the scent of dried fruit. The ideal beer for a host of different occasions: when tasted alone or with a drop of gin, it expresses its distinctive character; with aged cheese, it enhances the palate and the smell; when paired with dark chocolate, it recalls the intense, characteristic aroma of hops. Winter Beer, as every Theresianer beer, is born from a combination of tradition and state-of-the-art technology, pure groundwater from a prealpine aquifer and malt and hops of the highest quality.  Theresianer’s special winter beer does not only taste unique, but also looks unique. Its elegant box is decorated with the amazing colors of Martino Zanetti’s paintings: the distinctive lighthouse is surrounded by bright blue, emerald green and shades of silver, vibrant and clear, expressing the festive joy of magical winter nights. Theresianer Winter Beer is a perfect gift for festive occasions.

This invitation to taste at a relaxed, serene pace is sublimated with Theresianer Bierbrand: a brandy of rare character, noble, limpid and crystal-clear, the ideal companion for refined tastings, distilled from a special Theresianer beer. For this winter 2017 Bierbrand is available in its traditional carton box and in the new “Cofanetto Bierbrand”, which also includes 6 elegant shot glasses made from hand-blown glass paste, for an original, refined gift idea which is bound be a surprise.