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Theresianer IPA Autumn Limited Edition An intense, captivating beer for a season characterized by magic, warm colors - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

When autumn comes, nature kicks off a kaleidoscopic display of colors, where summer’s bright green gives way to warm hues and a relaxed atmosphere.
It is to this season of contrasting colors, when the leaves take on a bold orange, that Theresianer dedicates IPA Autumn Limited Edition.
This special edition is enclosed in a fully screen-printed glass bottle recalling the typical foliage of this period of the year, and it is presented in a special case with a descriptive tag indicating the correct way to serve it.

India Pale Ale is a unique, energetic beer. Its aroma surprises with floral and citrus notes, as well as a marked bitterness that is incredibly balanced to the palate. Its intense, full-bodied, fragrant hops make it an ideal match for spicy cold cuts and cured meats, very mature cheeses, oven-baked turbot and other strong-flavored fish. For an aperitif, it perfectly combines with savory snacks, but it can also be enjoyed alone, as a tasting beer.

The full taste of IPA Theresianer is perfect to warm up the soul when the air gets cooler, to toast to a new beginning …to Autumn!