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Theresianer Gin takes center stage at the Trieste Cocktail Week - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

Theresianer Gin will be a premium sponsor of the second edition of the Trieste Cocktail Week, scheduled September 11 to 17 in the capital city of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Following the success of last year’s event, the aim of the initiative is to promote the culture of quality mixology in the city’s best and most charming cocktail bars through unique drinks to discover, master classes, guest bartending events and competitions to be enjoyed.

With its sensory richness, Theresianer Gin will be featured in the 20 participating venues throughout the week, and will be the star of the themed aperitivo at Pier The Roof, one of the most scenic locations in Trieste (Wednesday, September 13).

Its terrace on the pier overlooking the sea, in the city center, will be the refined stage for the dedicated evening. Here, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique mixology experience with the distillate, which includes among its botanicals the typical and essential ingredient of beer: hops.

The aroma of Theresianer Gin comes from the perfect blend of several botanicals. Juniper is distilled separately, and the different botanicals are carefully selected and individually infused to extract only the best of each flavor profile: juniper berries release a pleasant aroma of pine and rosemary, earthy scents such as moss and cloves, and a vibrant, typical citrus aroma. The infused hops are used for their characteristic aromatic nuances, providing a bitter note that adds length and freshness, as well as citrus and floral hints. When mandarin peels are dried, they acquire an interesting sweet and caramelized note, which is used to balance the citrus profile. Similarly, the grapefruit is citrusy, discreet, delicate and never overpowering, while a hint of cardamom adds a strong, resinous, and slightly refreshing flavor, along with a characteristic sweet and spicy note.

Each element harmoniously contributes to the recipe of Theresianer Gin, which will delight the audience of enthusiasts at the Trieste Cocktail Week in the most original drinks for a week of memorable tastings.