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Theresianer announces the debut of the new Mezzolitro format - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

In 1766, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria granted the first license to a brewery in Italy, which settled in the ancient Borgo Teresiano, named after the sovereign. An adventure of craftsmanship and dedication that Theresianer resumes today, over two hundred years later, in its plant in Nervesa della Battaglia in the province of Treviso, an excellence in the Italian brewing scene and in some ways “the smallest of the brewing enterprises” in Italy.

Theresianer‘s attention to the most contemporary experiences in the catering industry leads, in this early 2024, to the debut of the new Mezzolitro (0,50 l) format. Refined and suitable for consumption in the best venues, it once again demonstrates Theresianer’s ability to anticipate and interpret the most innovative trends in the out-of-home sector.
Mezzolitro is dedicated to four characteristic unfiltered Theresianer beers: Premium Pils, Wit, India Pale Ale and Bock.
The taste journey of Theresianer Mezzolitro unfolds through these different beer expressions: PREMIUM PILS, a beer with a dry taste and the unmistakable, persistent but delicately pleasant bitter note. WIT, fresh and sweet at the same time, with a distinctly fruity flavor and aromas of banana, pear and cloves. INDIA PALE ALE, a beer with a marked but balanced bitterness, a strong taste accompanied by an explosive scent of citrus and flowers. BOCK, a low fermentation beer that perfectly expresses the German style that gives it its name, dense, with a deep amber color and a marked malty character.

The story of the new contemporaneity of the Theresianer universe continues. Here, taste and quality give life to distinctive beers that are the result of expertise and a wise use of raw materials, now enrobed in a new dress and format with a strong personality. The new Mezzolitro size thus expands the Theresianer offer which, while remaining true to its historic tradition, takes a contemporary route, always landing in the safe haven of quality.