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Theresianer Winter Beer for an unforgettable winter - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

Every season has its own charm, but living the rhythm of the coldest season means to slow down, to spend more time enjoying home, appreciating this time of the year which brings reflection and at the same time many chances to share festive occasions.

The cold allows to enjoy intense flavors and, like the best traditions, Theresianer Winter Beer engages the senses once more, to make this 2018 winter truly unforgettable: thanks to its characteristic flavor, slightly spicy with delicate roasted hints, and its well-rounded body combined with the scent of dried fruit, unique sensations make the tasting of this beer a pleasant experience to repeat with great delight.

The ideal beer for a host of different occasions: when tasted alone, Theresianer Winter Beer expresses its distinctive character, when paired with aged cheese, it enhances the palate and the smell, with dark chocolate, it recalls the intense, characteristic aroma of hops.

Theresianer Winter Beer does not only taste unique, but also looks unique: its elegant dark bottle is guarded in a black cylindrical case with golden top and ribbon. Its gold and white artwork outlines snowy tree silhouettes glistening under the clear light of the full moon, which stands above the sleeping landscape overseen by a proud, sleepless owl. The elegant black & gold effect can also be found in the sophisticated screen-printed bottle, enhancing its refinement and style.

The content and the container dialogue in perfect harmony and so, once again, this Theresianer winter specialty enriches and celebrates the magical festive season.


Winter Beer Theresianer  (750 ml • Abv 9%)

Winter Beer
Winter Beer