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Theresianer Winter 2021: tradition with a touch of originality - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

This year Theresianer has chosen to give a new face to the two iconic products of the season, Winter Beer and the 2021 Advent Calendar.  While the content has not changed, it is the form that has evolved: the new design breaks with the brand’s established and more traditional styles and, with gentle lightness, entrusts the face of Christmas 2021 to a pop reindeer.

This will be the companion of the warmest and most festive moments of the season, with a reassuring and placid gaze, framed by a pair of round glasses, head protected by a woolen or Christmas cap and voluminous antlers that become perfect branches for stylized snowflakes and decorative balls.  Theresianer’s “winter deer” is already part of that special atmosphere that warms your heart in winter.

Theresianer Winter Beer is an unfiltered top-fermented double malt beer, slightly spiced, with a scent of dried fruit and delicate roasted notes.  To be paired with aged cheese or dark chocolate, it is also excellent when enjoyed alone as a meditation beer. The sophisticated packaging, made of refined natural kraft paper, focuses on the figure of the reindeer, the stylish protagonist of this special edition.

Theresianers Advent Calendar: the “waiting game” returns in 2021, with its magical 24 windows that mark the December countdown and turn it into daily fun. Open one window a day to discover small themed gifts as well as all the Theresianer beers in 0.33 l size. The tasting journey ends with a special edition surprise beer! The box combines traditional red with the natural effect of the packaging, which features the Theresianer reindeer.

The more traditional and usual Christmas offer has also been renewed: from the exclusive Bierbrand beer distillate, to the Theresianer 0.75 wooden cases, to the Zerocinquanta beer trio case.

With its specialties, Theresianer has always become the protagonist in moments of celebration, giving winter 2021 a new graphic vocabulary in which the “winter deer” becomes an accomplice in that special atmosphere that warms your heart.