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Theresianer, the masterpieces of taste for an unforgettable winter - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

Theresianer renews the tradition of its winter specialties to make this period of the year unforgettable, when sharing moments of celebration takes on a singular intensity.

It’s the perfect time to treat yourself and enjoy stronger flavors, such as Theresianer Winter Beer, which engages the senses once more with its unmistakable warmth: with a scent of dried fruit and delicate roasted notes, this slightly spicy unfiltered double malt beer with high fermentation is ready to offer you an enveloping taste experience.

Pair it with mature cheese or dark chocolate for an intense guilty pleasure, or taste it alone as a meditation beer.

For the 2020 edition, Winter Beer dresses up in the most traditional Nordic style: red reindeer and copper ornaments make you dream of winter walks on stretches of pure white snow.

Winter Beer is not the only Theresianer idea for the most eagerly awaited holidays: for 2020, the Advent Calendar game comes back with its surprises, turning the anticipation of Christmas into daily fun. Embark on this taste-filled journey and open one window a day to discover funny gadgets and the entire Theresianer beer range in 0.33 l size. At the end of your adventure, on the very last day before Christmas, there’s a special edition beer waiting for you! The box – with a play of squares on bright colors – features the traditional “MerryXMas” wish with graphic references to the brewery, tools and raw materials, a path full of surprises to discover day after day.

Bierbrand, the brandy of rare character and noble taste obtained from the heart of Theresianer beer, is the answer for those looking for the most intense sensations. Limpid and crystal-clear, it is available in a special case which includes 6 shot glasses made from hand-blown glass paste.

With its masterpieces of taste, Theresianer warms up your heart, illuminates the most joyful moments and celebrates winter to make it unforgettable.