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Celebrating 20 years of Theresianer with a unique ambassador: Vienna 20 - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

It’s the year 2000 when Martino Zanetti’s happy intuition gives birth to a beer called Theresianer. A name inextricably linked to passion for the product, selection of raw materials, respect for tradition and indisputable ability to select the brew masters who made this beer so great.


To celebrate the importance of its 20th anniversary, Theresianer has chosen an exceptional ambassador which, more than any other beer, represents the style of the company since its foundation: Vienna.

Thanks to its particular style, capable of summarizing a unique approach, Vienna perfectly embodies Theresianer’s history, which has its roots in the Habsburg capital of the early 20th century, but is deeply Italian.

With a new recipe, in an unfiltered version, Vienna 20 is fresh and fruity, sweet but not excessive, always balanced, noble, pure and refined.


A limited edition – 1,000 numbered bottles – whose graphic design recalls the Art Nouveau style, which is characteristic of early 20th century Viennese architecture and decorations. Among its distinctive features are floral ornaments and tree motifs. Vienna 20’s box and label are inspired by these influences and dress the 0.75 l bottle with character, elegance and refinement.


Therefore, this special celebratory beer takes on a strong symbolic value, embodying Theresianer’s constant drive to seek excellence and the appreciation of its fans.

Theresianer Vienna 20 is a beer capable of summarizing and enhancing the unique flavor nuances of this beer style, an iconic beer that becomes an ambassador of the Theresianer universe and the perfect protagonist of the 20th anniversary toast.

Theresianer Vienna 20