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Beer, culture and solidarity: Theresianer participates in the ADHOR project - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

Theresianer is enthusiastically and meaningfully participating in a significant initiative in the beer world that focuses on two important values – culture and solidarity. Seven producers, more than 200 distributors and numerous drinking establishments have joined together with the shared objective of raising funds for rare disease research.

The beer industry will demonstrate its social responsibility with the “Beer from the Heart” project, organized by ADHOR (Women in HORECA Association), which is part of the Italgrob Federation of Beverage Distributors. The project focuses specifically on pale draught beer and involves approximately 1,500 establishments. During the months of July and August, it will be easy to recognize participating establishments thanks to a series of materials designed to transform them into socially responsible establishments, where customers can enjoy an excellent Theresianer draught beer while contributing to raising significant funds.

The donations will be used to fund a scholarship for young researchers at the Mario Negri Institute in Milan for rare disease research through the non-profit ARMR, as well as a scholarship that will be awarded to the most-deserving student from the Drinking and Dining Out Trade Management specialization programme.

The stars of this cultural and socially responsible initiative that shines a spotlight on Theresianer are two beers: Theresianer Lager, an exceptionally smooth lager with a well-balanced flavour and aroma, and Theresianer Premium Pils, a pale, brilliant beer with a finish that blends a particularly dry taste with fresh notes of malt and hops.

A female character named “Doretta Birretta” will highlight the cultural aspect of the initiative, illustrating proper pouring techniques. An elegant 16-page brochure from ADHOR describing the initiative will be distributed in all of the establishments participating in the “Beer from the Heart” project.