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International triumph in Berlin for Martino Zanetti's Theresianer beers. - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

Theresianer asserts itself on the international stage of the fifth edition of the “Berlin International Beer Competition” and obtains a record number of medals: four gold, one silver and three bronze.

A great moment for Trieste, thanks to the Theresianer brand, whose memory was recovered by Martino Zanetti with the professionalism of a great master brewer, Stefano Bertoli. Under the enlightened guidance of Martino Zanetti, Theresianer becomes the spokesperson for Trieste’s finest brewing tradition and achieves significant results confirming the authenticity of its beers.

Together with the entire company, I symbolically dedicate this international achievement to the Trieste dockworkers, to whom I am particularly attached and whom I firmly support,” said Martino Zanetti “as well as to all those who are currently losing their jobs due to government regulations. Theresianer has always been tied to the city, proudly Italian and at the same time multicultural by nature, so much so that it has a lighthouse imprinted on its logo”.

The quality and inventiveness that Martino Zanetti infuses into each of the products of the Group he leads, with ever-increasing success, are linked to fundamental values and principles such as freedom and support for those who suffer the most.