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Limited Editions 2017 - Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste 1766

Theresianer dedicates an exclusive Limited Edition collection to its fans: the four 0.75 unfiltered beers, each presented in a different season.



Winter is just around the corner. The pleasantly crisp air, heralding the festive season, makes you want to twirl on ice!
Bock is ready to restore you with its strong flavor, intense aroma and compact, fine and persistent foam. Amber-colored and moderately effervescent, Bock will be a protagonist of winter days, asserting itself as the best friend ever.



The first sip is enough to discover all the energy inside it! This is India Pale Ale, perfect for any new beginning.
It is finally autumn and the leaves take on an energetic orange hue for this special edition bottle.
You will discover a unique beer, an aroma that will surprise you with its floral and citrus notes, a marked bitterness that you will find incredibly balanced to the palate. With intense hops, full-bodied and fragrant, India Pale Ale is ideal to warm up your soul when the air gets cooler…


Wit Limited Edition

Like a thunderbolt, it will be love at first sip. This is how Wit will captivate you.
In this special summer edition, Wit wraps up in sea breeze and takes you to the open sea for a dive into freshness.
It is known for its refreshing character and its effervescent spirit where barley and wheat combine in a perfect harmony. A unique taste …the taste of summer!


Premium Pils Limited Edition

With the sunny season approaching, what’s better than a sip of pure freshness?
In this special spring edition, Premium Pils dons a floral dress and invites you to go out, get some fresh air and toast with your friends!
Its pleasant aroma and particularly dry taste with delicate hints of malt and hops will keep you good company. Welcome, spring.

A bright pale beer, whose finish blends a particularly dry taste with fresh notes of malt and hops, typical of the Pilsner tradition.